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Life-Altering Copyright Lawsuits Could Come to Regular Internet Users Under a New Law Moving in the Senate

The Senate Judiciary Committee intends to vote on the CASE Act, legislation that would create a brand new quasi-court for copyright infringement claims. We have expressed numerous concerns with the legislation, and serious problems inherent with the bill have not been remedied by Congress before...

rotary dial phone for your webbrowser

Use an old rotary dial phone to dial IP addresses just like you would dial phonenumbers of BBSs somewhere in the 80's and 90's. Relive "those good old days" ...

PHP End of Life (a reminder)

As of December 2018 PHP 5 and 7.0 became End of Life. It is now July 2019 and up to 74% of PHP powered sites in the top 1 million are running software

Firefox Local Files Theft - not patched yet – Barak Tawily – Security Researcher

Youtube's ban on "hacking techniques" threatens to shut down all of infosec Youtube / Boing Boing

But hey, what's a little data retention between friends? People who willingly implant these devices straight out of 1984 into their homes are out of their minds.

Great idea. This definitely won't lead to a nightmare of Black Mirror proportions.

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